• We buy all types of automobiles including expensive and luxury models paying up to $100K for your car or truck. We even arrange for final payoffs to the bank.
  • Crashed your car? Our network of auto buyers can help get you the money you need for your car even if we are tied up and can't make immediate arrangements.
  • We arrange for market pricing getting you the most money for your junk cars. Our network can arrange to have your car or truck towed free of cost getting you cash at the same time.
  • Cant afford to keep paying the loan on your new car? We buy all types of new, used, leased, and financed cars. Fast payment made and we can arrange for bank payments.

We all know that just a few years ago getting rid of a junk car rendered close to $500 for that scrap car.  Unfortunately those days are long gone and the price of metal has plummeted to just a fraction of the original cost.

In an effort to get our customers the best possible prices on their junk vehicles, we have partnered up with scrap yards throughout the New York and New Jersey metro areas.  Right here in the Bronx, we are now capable of getting you the highest possible prices for your scrap car.  We have taken the middle man out of middle and are placing you directly to our junk car buyers.  Now when looking to get rid of a disabled scrap car, just call our toll free number (888) 743-7620 and follow the instructions and during business hours we’ll forward you directly to our affiliate scrap yards getting you maximum cash based on market pricing!

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