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In the automotive world selling a car is by far one of the most difficult tasks one may have to endure.  It’s easy to look at a pricing guide to get a price on what your car may be worth however getting that amount is another challenge.  For starters, when selling a car privately you will most likely be dealing with private buyers looking for a bargain not to deal with dealer pricing.  Think about it, most banks will not provide a loan to you when dealing with a private buyer.  The risk of issues becomes too great with no recourse on the seller for misrepresenting the vehicle.  The mere fact that dealers have the opportunity at providing financing already kicked to back a bit.  If you own a newer vehicle or luxury automobile, not everyone is walking around with $20, $40 or $60 thousand to purchase a car outright.  Financing is imperative.  When you’re selling an older car, cash deals are possible but they are just that, looking for deals and most people are tire kickers and will ultimately waste your time.

Like we said, selling a car privately is no bargain.   This is why we recommend taking the fast cash!  At Cash for Cars we offer you the opportunity to sell your vehicle quickly for the best possible wholesale price.  There’s no recourse and no headaches.  You wont have to worry about giving a warranty and once the car is sold you’re all done.  In most cases selling a car for cash will take you less than 15 minutes and we handle all the paperwork.  Even if your vehicle is old or inoperable we may still be able to make you an offer for your vehicle.  If you’re stuck in a loan or lease we can still work with you in an effort to get rid of that annoying monthly payment.

If you are one of those who have a car, truck or van and need to get rid of it, let us get you a free no hassle quote on what we can get you for your vehicle.  Just visit us online at or call toll free 888-743-7620 and get the fast cash you need and eliminate that headache today!


  • We buy all types of automobiles including expensive and luxury models paying up to $100K for your car or truck. We even arrange for final payoffs to the bank.
  • Crashed your car? Our network of auto buyers can help get you the money you need for your car even if we are tied up and can't make immediate arrangements.
  • We arrange for market pricing getting you the most money for your junk cars. Our network can arrange to have your car or truck towed free of cost getting you cash at the same time.
  • Cant afford to keep paying the loan on your new car? We buy all types of new, used, leased, and financed cars. Fast payment made and we can arrange for bank payments.

Cash for Cars NYC would love to buy your car for cash however we’d be deceiving our customers if we didnt give good information on how to utilize your vehicle for it’s maximum value when trading it in for a new car.

For starters, when trading your older vehicle for a new one you need to understand what the sales tax break is.

The sales tax break is simple. When you purchased your current vehicle a few years ago, you may have purchase it for $40K and paid sales take on that amount. Now your car is only worth around $25K on trade but you are buying a new $40K vehicle. If you are a NYC resident and the dealer is willing to give you $25K on trade, that $25K is actually worth the same as if you sold it privately as $27,218.75. How, well when you used your vehicle as a trade in you subtract the trade in value and only pay sales tax on the balance owed. In the case shown above, you would only pay sales tax on $15K rather than $40K. Wich equates to the same if you sold your car privately for $27,218.75 or traded it for $25K.

Now, how do you know if you are getting played by the new car dealer? The first questions they will ask is if you have a trade. Even if you do say no. In most cased, you will pay more for the new car and they will give you an illusion of giving a higher trade value. It’s a smoking mirror. Negotiate the best possible deal first and then introduce the trade. When doing this, you force the dealer to give you a realistic price on trade so you know your options.

This is where we come in. Now that the dealer is giving you a bottom line trade, call us and we might be able to offer a better price which is giving you more money in your pocket than the sales tax break. Another advantage is if you are shopping for a used car, you might fair better by taking the cash first so you have flexibility when shopping by having the physical cash in pocket.

Any way you look at it, it’s definitely worth contacting us for a cash quote for your car. Appraisals are always free and in may instances we might be able to come to you. Feel free to call us toll free at (888)743-7620 or visit us online at